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Printing Checks PRINTING CHECKS FEATURES This program is used after payroll Calculation to create and/or document payment to the employees. It can print the actual paychecks, or the stubs which are
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Hello mark Helton here I just wanted to put this quick video together to talk to you about check drafts now I've been using check drafts for my business now for a couple of years and what started it out for me or what made me go out and start using check drafts for my business was a couple years ago during the holidays actually during Christmas time I had a couple of different customers that decided to pile up a few months of charges on me and charge it back to their credit card processor now if you've never used if you've never processed credit card payments or have never had this happen to you it's very frustrating because you provide all of the service I mean these customers had a website for me I created videos that did all kinds of things for them and they even sent me messages and emails telling me how awesome everything was so it wasn't that they were unsaid dissatisfied or unsatisfied with anything that I had offered them they just needed the money well the frustrating part about that is is I needed the money too and I decided to go ahead and look for another way to process my payments so my motto is is that if a customer doesn't have the money then they're not going to be wanting to pay me with a check so that's why I go out and I actually try to get my customers to pay me with the check now getting a check in the mail is great and I don't have a problem waiting for a check in the mail somebody really wants to send a check in the mail but you know and when you're trying to get the sale anything you can do to make it easier on the customer to sign up right then and there not have a whole lot of time lapse between the time that they send you their payment and you get started on the work the better so what I do is I have my customers fill out a form okay I'm going to show you this form here this is the this is my contract okay and it's two page contract the first page is my client agreement this just tells the customer all of the things that I'm going to do for them what I'm going to charge them and then the next page is my draft authorization form and this is just a form it says it's okay for me to take the money out of their account every month on these dates unless they cancel okay and then all they have to do is just I fill it out for them actually I put all their information in there get their name address check number all of that information and then I have them once I filled all that out i fax it over to them or email it to them and then have them just sign a check actually I have them fill out a check and then sign it and tape it here to this area and fax it back to me okay so that basically reserves serves as my receipt and as everything that I promised them everything that I told them right there on the contract okay now once I get that information back before what I would do is I would actually use a software called check soft premier I know there's a few other comparable services out there called ones Versa check and there's a...
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